“Ike’s Bird”

Ground School Information

Aero Commander L-26B  USAF 55-4638

Thanks for your interest in checking out to become a pilot of "Ike's Bird".  


This web page is an information sheet put together for prospective pilots and Sponsor Group members of “Ike’s Bird”.  Its that time of year when we gather together to get checked out and current on this aircraft.  This webpage gives you all the info you need to get registered and prepared. 


There is no cost to attend. 


It's time for you to step forward and get checked out and flying a former Air Force One.  

Time and Date:

Friday, March 11

2:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Dallas Executive Airport

CAF Conference Room

David Oliver, Instructor

Ike and Draper.JPG

Ike with his Air Force One pilot, Col. William Draper in 1955.

Here are some links to some important documents you should read and know.   


Checklist --  This link will take you to the checklist.  This is the same checklist that is kept in the plane.  Updated Feb. 1, 2022.   


L-26B Q-Ref  --  This is the Quick Reference Guide that will help you with most all the info you will need to fly and operate the L-26B.  Updated as of Feb 1, 2022.

Aero Commander 560A Flight Manual 

Ground School Slides --  These are the slides we use to teach Ground School.   (Coming Soon)   


Ground School Test --  This is the test we will be using.   Go online and practice.   The correct answers will appear with hints and helpful info.      


CAF Operations Website  --  This link will take you to the website maintained by CAF HQ.  It has a number of good resources and lots of current information. 

Thanks to Al Benzing and Andy Maag for their help in preparing and maintaining the checklists and Ground School materials.

Ike and Gen Montgomery exiting an L-26B 1.jpg

Ike and British General Bernard Montgomery flew aboard

"Ike's Bird" to the President's farm in Gettysburg, PA.  

More Training Required

Each pilot will be required to also attend the B-24, B-29, or other CAF Ground School to complete their required courses.   That is because we only teach Aero Commander specific info in the L-26 Ground School.  All the other CAF required courses are better taught in these other schools.   


The required courses include CAF Crew Resource Management and CAF Operations training.   These courses are taught early in the school, allowing non-B-29 personnel to finish their training and head on home on Saturday.

The link below has information on registering for the B-29 Ground School that is being held at Dallas Executive Airport on March 12 - 13.   


Here is some hotel information:

The B29/B24 Squadron has set up a room block at the Best Western Plus, 922 E Hwy 67, Duncanville, TX 75137, Phone: (972) 283-3000


The B29 Ground School block is set up for Thursday, March 10- Sunday, March 13. The cost for a Queen/Queen room is $99.99 plus tax. The cut-off date for room reservations is February 28. The link to make reservations is:  https://bit.ly/3nDuI3I


The name on the room block is Air Power History Tour. 


2022 "Ike's Bird" Schedule

You can see our 2022 schedule here.  We have been invited to Andrews AFB in September, but have not heard back that our proposal has been accepted.  For now, the trip east is tentative.  In addition, we have a number of Gift Certificates that have been bought.   We will need pilots to fly these people.   These flights typically take place out of Dallas Executive Airport.  

IMG_6830 (002).jpg

Kerry Liefeld and his wife aboard "Ike's Bird".   Kerry spent a number of years as the Maintenance Officer in charge of Bob Hoover's airshow Twin Commanders.

Barnstormer Saturday Historic Aircraft Fly-Ins

We are producing the Barnstormer Saturday events in partnership with the DFW Wing, T-34 Sponsor Group, Coyote Squadron and Lone Star Wing.   You can read more here.

Barnstormer Saturday Logo_Final_Full Logo (002).jpg

For More Information

Please review and let us know if you have any questions.   Hopefully, you will choose to join in our efforts and feel the satisfaction of flying a historic aircraft, and the fun of sharing it with others. 


Thank you…


Gerald Oliver

Aircraft Director




Put yourself into the cockpit flying "Ike's Bird".   

Reach out to us for any questions and register now for Ground School.