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Coming to
Greenville, TX
Majors Airport

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Saturday, May 18

See, Hear & Experience

World War II aircraft

of the 
Commemorative Air Force

FREE Admission    FREE Parking  

Greenville, TX
Greenville Majors Airport

Saturday, May 18
9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Main Terminal Ramp
101 Majors Rd.  Greenville, TX


Special Guest Aircraft


"Lady Liberty"


"Devil Dog"


B-25 Rides are just $425.

Plus classic and antique planes from the Texas Antique Airplane Association

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These Historic Aircraft are Scheduled to Attend,
subject to weather and maintenance.

Visit our Ride Desk at the event to purchase a ride on any of the following aircraft.

North American B-25 "Devil Dog"


The B-25 was used on the famous Doolittle Raid.  Our plane is a rare Marine Corps version.   Rides start at just $425.  Flight times are 11:00, 1:00 and 3:00.    


Book a B-25 Ride

Fairchild PT-19 "Pride of Corsicana"

Riding High.jpg

The PT-19 trained more pilots to fly in WWII than any other plane.  Ride along in the open cockpit and feel the wind in your hair.  The plane holds one passenger.


Prices start at $195.

SAVE $20...  Ride before 11:00 am and get $20 off.

Beechcraft C-45 "Bucket of Bolts"


During and after World War II the C-45 saw military service as a light transport, light bomber, aircrew trainer (for bombing, navigation and gunnery), photo-reconnaissance, and "mother ship" for target drones.  The plane holds four to five passengers.


Prices start at $150.

SAVE $20...   Ride before 11:00 am and get $20 off.

Stinson L-5 "Miss Ziggy"

L-5 a.jpg

The L-5 is affectionately known as the "Flying Jeep".  The primary purpose was courier, communications, artillery spotting and casualty evacuation. The plane holds one passenger.


Prices start at $150.

Stearman PT-17

LSW Stearman.jpg

The Stearman was the primary trainer aircraft flown by the Allied nations before and during WWII.   Take a ride in this open cockpit biplane and feel the wind in your hair.  The plane holds one passenger. 

Prices start at $295


For advance reservations on the Stearman click HERE.

WASP T-6 "Nella"

WASP T-6 2.jpg

Your ride on a T-6 will be aboard the CAF WASP Squadron's "Nella".  "Nella" was an advanced training aircraft used at the all-female Avenger Field in Sweetwater, TX where the WASP attended military flight training.

Prices start at $475


For advance reservations on the T-6 click HERE.

This event is sponsored by, and courtesy of Greenville Municipal Airport, the City of Greenville, TX., and the Commemorative Air Force.

Thank you...

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This FREE Barnstormer Saturday event is sponsored by the Commemorative Air Force.  The CAF is the largest flying museum in the world.   Relive history, honor our veterans and preserve aviation history.   By purchasing a ride in the aircraft you are helping to fund and keep these priceless aircraft flying.   


Thanks for your support...

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