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Restored, flying, and coming to an airport near you...


History of "Ike's Bird"

This 1955 Aero Commander L-26B is nicknamed "Ike's Bird".  It is the smallest plane ever to be used as Air Force One.

From 1955 to 1960 it was used by the Eisenhower Administration and the White House to carry the President, Vice President, First Family and other VIP's on short distance trips.   

It's now fully restored and flying with the Commemorative Air Force.


Ride on Ike's 1955 AIR FORCE ONE

Relive history by riding on the smallest plane to fly as Air Force One.   Sit in the President's seat or ride in the cockpit.  Feel history come alive. 


Check out our Schedule to see where you can join a select group of privileged fliers aboard a Presidential aircraft.   

Youth as young as five can ride with a parent.   


Register to Win a FREE Flight on "Ike's Bird"


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Victory Flights for Veterans

Victory Flights for Veterans

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One of the missions of the CAF’s “Ike’s Bird” is to fly veterans for free in an historic plane.  These flights are called “Victory Flights for Veterans”.


Victory Flights are done to honor the veterans service to the nation and our freedoms.       A unique feature of “Ike’s Bird” is its low entry door.   Only one foot off the ground, the Commander can easily accommodate wounded and disabled veterans…   men and women who otherwise have great difficulty in climbing into some of the CAF’s World War II aircraft.  

You can help by making a donation here.   


Thank you...

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