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One rider sits in the cockpit next to the pilot.

Two riders sit on the President's Seat.

You can ride on AIR FORCE ONE...

Three Seats Per Flight Available.

Rider seats.png

President's Seats A & B


This is where Ike sat when he rode on the L-26. There is ample leg room and a commanding view of the cabin and ground.  When the President was not on board, this became the DVC... the Distinguished Visitor's Chair. The highest ranking person on board sat here.  Often it was Vice President Nixon, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, or another ranking Cabinet officer. 

$245 each when purchased at the show.   

$195 when bought online... Save $50.


The President's Seat is a large and comfortable bench seat across the back of the plane.  After all, he is the President. The seat holds two people.  We call them seats A & B. The President often sat with other officials or family members on this seat when he flew.   

President's Seat A on the left, and Seat B on the right.

Co-Pilot's Seat 


This is the seat next to the pilot in the cockpit.   Col. William Draper was Ike's pilot of Air Force One.  Draper had been on Ike's Army staff and followed him to the White House.   He and his staff flew this plane many hours in support of Ike, his family and government.  This rider will enjoy fabulous views of the ground, sky and instruments.   There is a weigh restriction on this seat of 250 pounds.   


$245 when purchased at the Show.

$225 when bought online...  Save $20. 

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Cockpit 2.jpg
IMG_8479 (002).jpg

Bring the whole family.

IMG_6741 (002).jpg

Kids as young as five can fly with their parents.

IMG_4946 (002).jpg

Take a date.


Celebrate a special occasion or give a memorable gift.

Rider Age Information:

  • Riders Age 0 to 4 may not ride on CAF aircraft.   Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

  • Riders Age 5 to 11 may ride on this plane as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian adult.

  • Riders Age 12 to 17 may ride as long as they have parent or guardian written consent.

  • All riders must be able to enter and exit the plane under their own power.

  • All riders, or their parent/guardian, must read and sign the CAF Hold Harmless Waiver.

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