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Ultimate Stocking Stuffer


For your "Hard-to-Buy" friend or family member.

BLACK FRIDAY SALE.   Buy Now and SAVE 30%...  

Book a flight for just $595.   That's 30% off the regular price when you book before December 5.  There's a limited supply, so ACT NOW before all seats are sold out.


The flight is for three passengers so make sure you bring along a friend or family.  

Can't think of something they need or want?   Have trouble finding the right gift for your "Hard-to-Buy" friend or family?   Then get them a gift they will never forget... a ride on President Eisenhower's Twin-Engine Air Force One.   


This certificate is good for a ride aboard "Ike's Bird", an historic and safe aircraft used from 1955 to 1960 by the White House.   The certificate includes a 30 minute flight for three aboard this fully restored aircraft.   The seat descriptions and locations are detailed below.  We will send you a certificate, a photo montage, and an "Ike's Bird" hat to gift in their stocking. Then they have 24 full months to schedule and take their ride from a convenient DFW airport location.   


Certificates are limited, so act now to reserve your Ultimate Stocking Stuffer.   The price is $595 and is for three riders.   That is a savings of $255 off the individual seat price for a savings of 30%.  

A limited number of ride flights are available on "Ike's Bird".   These Once-In-A-Lifetime experiences offer a rider the chance to fly aboard an authentic Air Force One.   Each flight can carry three passengers in style and comfort.   


The proceeds from our paid ride flights help to fund "Victory Flights for Veterans".   


Please note:   Ride flights are only available for purchase at airshow and tour stop events.   Please go to the Schedule page to see where "Ike's Bird" will be appearing.


You can also purchase a Gift Certificate or Donate a Ride.  

Here are pictures of riders on Ike's Bird.   There are three seats available.  Or you can ride with just two.   The back bench is roomy and comfortable.  This is where the President sat.  The third seat is the co-pilot seat up front.  

Col. William Draper

Air Force One Pilot

Here are the seats available for Riders:


President's Seat

This is where Ike sat when he rode on the L-26. There is ample leg room and a commanding view of the cabin and ground.  When the President was not on board, this became the DVC... the Distinguished Visitor's Chair. The highest ranking person on board sat here.  Often it was Vice President Nixon, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, or another ranking Cabinet officer.   $350 when purchased separately.

First Lady's Seat

This seat is next to the President and offers the same commanding view.  Mamie Eisenhower sat here.  When she was not aboard the next highest ranking person sat here.  $250 when purchased separately.  


Co-Pilots Seat 

This is the seat next to the pilot in the cockpit.   Col. William Draper was Ike's pilot of Air Force One.  Draper had been on Ike's Army staff and followed him to the White House.   He and his staff flew this plane many hours in support of Ike, his family and government.  This rider will enjoy fabulous views of the ground, sky and instruments.   There is a weigh restriction on this seat of 200 pounds.   $250 when purchased separately.  


Buy All Three Seats  -  $ 595

This is a great way to enjoy the flight on "Ike's Bird" with family and friends.  SAVE $255 when you buy all three seats.  That's a savings of 30%.   

Three Ways To Buy

You can ride on an authentic "Air Force One".  Several seats are available including the President's seat, First Lady's seat, or the co-pilot's seat.  "Ike's Bird" has been restored to pristine condition and is a fun and historic experience for you and your family.

Rides on "Ike's Bird" are only available for sale at an event on our tour schedule.  To find out where the plane will be next, click on "Schedule".

Buy A Ride For Yourself, Family or Friends

Purchase a Gift Certificate

The Gift Certificate allows you to purchase a ride for someone else and present it as a gift.  We will send you a certificate by mail which can be packaged by you for a special occasion.   

If you have a certain veteran that you want to fly in the Victory Flight Program, the best way to accomplish that is to purchase a Gift Certificate for them.  

More Gift Certificate info...

Purchase a Seat and Donate it to "Victory Flight for Veterans"

This is a great way to express your gratitude to our veterans for their sacrifice and service.   You can contribute under the Victory Flight donation, or you can purchase a seat and allow us to select a veteran to fly in your place.   

To purchase a seat and donate it to a veteran, click on the link above.

Rider Age Information:

  • Riders Age 0 to 4 may not ride on CAF aircraft.   Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.

  • Riders Age 5 to 11 may ride on this plane as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian adult.

  • Riders Age 12 to 17 may ride as long as they have parent or guardian written consent.

  • All riders must be able to enter and exit the plane under their own power.

  • All riders, or their parent/guardian, must read and sign the CAF Hold Harmless Waiver.

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